Design for the present and the future.

From the World Exchange Plaza to Pindigen Park, street tree plantings, rooftop gardens on recreational centres to small oases in school yards and parkettes, every Ruhland & Associates project is attractive, functional, cost effective and environmentally responsible.

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For all stages of your project, from analysis and feasibility to design and execution.

Ruhland & Associates Ltd (RA) is an award-winning firm of Landscape Architects providing planning and design services for the public and private sector throughout Ottawa and eastern Ontario since 1982. We work collaboratively with our clients and multi-disciplinary professional teams on projects that reflect environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Our Process

Our team will be with you every step of the way, from vision to reality.



We work with your team, or help you build one, to lay out your project goals

  • Consultations to determine project requirements, user needs, existing conditions, and challenges



Together we will create a clear vision and action plan for your project.

  • Determine feasibility of goals and next steps
  • Develop schematic and final design plans and details



We see your project through to completion and beyond!

  • Onsite supervision and inspection, follow-through during construction.
  • Feasibility / studies: follow-through on taking the next steps.

Our services

What can we do for you?


Preparation of Design & Site Maintenance Guidelines


Project Management


Feasibility Studies


Site Planning & Design


Master Planning


Construction Documents & Administration


Inventory & Analysis

Environmental and Sustainable Values

A healthy living environment

Maintaining healthy flora and fauna requires sustainable design of structural environs, such as soils, hydrology, microclimates and planting choices. The resulting landscapes promote health by providing contact with nature and emotional respite, through the cleansing and cooling of our surroundings.

Inspirational experiences

Experience a landscape that brings all your senses into play to fully engage you within the space. Whether it is a small detail, or the overall experience when one is within the space, a successful landscape inspires people to reflect on and truly experience their surroundings.

Harmony between nature, culture and the built environment

Maintain harmony in your environmental by bringing nature closer to and within your built environment, while acknowledging and addressing historical and current cultural influences. We can create built environments that reflect and include nature and culture.

Use of sustainable methods and leading-edge technology

We are always striving to research and implement our project’s goals with the latest technologies and sustainable methods, whether through personal research, collaboration with colleagues or by continued education.

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