Client: City of Ottawa


Ottawa – 2011 Urban Design Award Winner

Ottawa’s Wellington Street West corridor has been renewed! The renewal results from one of the City’s most successful design and infrastructure investment projects in recent years, part of a $20M integrated street, water, and sewer replacement initiative. Construction was completed in 2010.



The design concept that guided the streetscape design was ‘linking neighbourhoods’. Along the corridor there are more than twenty intersecting side streets, each leading to enclaves of residential and business uses of all vintages and varieties, and with intersections that now reach out like welcoming arms into the community. The design objective was to not only link the places and spaces along the corridor, but to join the neighbourhoods across it.


Wellington Street West is one of Ottawa’s unfolding success stories.  The City’s investment has coincided,or perhaps sparked, an exciting period of urban renewal and private sector development, and burgeoning community pride .