An outdoor Office extension.

Marietta Ruhland at the launch event for Best Offices Ottawa 2020

Designing for the long term is an art, sustainable, and cost effective. We are particularly pleased with this project, which has proved that our design principles are sound. Ottawa Business Journal recognized this achievement in their latest edition of “Best Offices Ottawa”. The edition was launched at an event on 30 January, 2020, at the NUA offices in Ottawa.

Excerpts from the article: “Ruhland & Associates leaves lasting impact on Ottawa’s downtown core with World Exchange Plaza Courtyard.”

“The landscape architect works with exterior spaces, striving to bring nature back into urban areas such as the downtown core. One well-known spot is the amphitheatre outside the World Exchange Plaza, a space designed in 1995 by the Perez team, which included Marietta Ruhland as lead landscape architect. The space they designed has maintained its natural look and feel, and has served as a community meeting place for more than two decades.”


“‘One of the main goals for Ruhland & Associates – not only on the World Exchange Plaza project, but with any outdoor space they tackle – is to bring nature closer to the buildings. Outdoor areas should inspire people to reflect on their surroundings and feel comfortable in the space,’ [Marietta] says .”